VTS is a Brisbane based company providing services for all vertical transportation needs for any construction project. VTS has the in-house capability to manage the entire process from project analysis to define the needs of the job, equipment selection to service these needs, total safety management, engineering and design, preparation of equipment, installation of equipment including commissioning and testing, supply of skilled man-power to operate equipment, ongoing maintenance and service, anchoring and climbing as required and dismantling and removal from site.


Moving large and heavy objects is how we serve customers. With smart solutions, we safely and professionally improve productivity and reduce construction costs. It is the challenge of pushing boundaries, creating new possibilities, and accomplishing the exceptional that moves us, as a team. The bond between our dynamic and diverse team comes from a shared drive that comprises five key values.

Love the work

Working at VTS is not just any other job. Here people share a deep commitment to the work they do and a desire to excel. We love the challenges of the industry and the equipment that comes with it. Our common theme is that we all have a sense of belonging to something bigger than ourselves; something that moves us.

Results count

We are willing to take on tremendous challenges. Our desire is to achieve things that nobody believed possible. For us, it is not just about accepting the challenge, but about delivering the desired results. We go the extra mile, and then the extra inch. Whether in safety performance, or building teams, in securing a contract, or executing the job, in making a profit; it is the result that always counts. We move for results.

Perform as a team

Our customers demand excellent performance; and so do we. We believe excellent performance can only be achieved through team effort. Everybody is expected to take his role in the team and bring maximum contribution. In a team, diversity drives performance; people build on each other’s strengths and step up to compensate shortcomings. We move as one.

Our Safety

Caring for the health and safety of our customers, people, environment and community drives all of our activities and decisions. Our ultimate goal is to achieve injury and incident free work sites and zero environmental incidents. Our integrated health, safety, environmental, and quality management systems, ensure a company-wide focus on best practice. Additionally, all of our cranes and equipment are well maintained for the safety of your team and ours, and to ensure that your projects remain on track without interruption.

Be responsible

VTS is an Australian founded and based company. This position brings the responsibility to set standards and drive development. In this company, everybody has a job to do. With each job come specific responsibilities. Everybody has to stand for their work and ensure it meets industry and VTS standards. Jointly we are responsible for a sustainable future of our company. We expect people to speak up when it is for the benefit of the company. We expect others to listen and act if required. We step up and take responsibility; we move.

Please feel to contact us about our services

If you require our services and would like us to provide you with a quotation please get in touch we will aim to respond with 24 hours.